So You Want to Go Through Recruitment?

NPC Unanimous Agreements Regarding Recruitment

Posted on: June 17, 2010

  • A woman who is or who has ever been an initiated member of an existing NPC fraternity shall not be eligible for membership in another NPC fraternity.
  • To be eligible to pledge an NPC fraternity chapter on the campus where a woman is enrolled, she shall be regularly matriculated according to the definition of matriculation established by that institution.
  • No female student shall be asked to join an NPC fraternity during any school recess except during a formal membership recruitment period and the ensuing Continuous Open Bidding held immediately prior to an academic term.
  • A signed Membership Recruitment Acceptance or a Continuous Open Bidding Acceptance is binding.  If a potential member receives a bid under the preference system, she is ineligible to be pledged to any other NPC fraternity on the same campus for one calendar year.  If a potential new member does not receive a bid under the preference system, she is eligible for COB.
  • A woman who has had her pledge broken by an NPC fraternity, or who has broken her pledge to an NPC fraternity, may not be asked to join another NPC fraternity on that campus for one calendar year from the date she was originally pledged.  However, she may be repledged by the same NPC fraternity at any time within the calendar year.
  • When a woman who has been pledged but not yet initiated transfers to another campus, her pledge is broken, and she is eligible to pledge an NPC fraternity on that campus at the earliest opportunity.
  • Women who have been pledged but not yet initiated into a chapter whose charter has been rescinded or relinquished or of a colony that has been dissolved shall be eligible to pledge another NPC fraternity immediately following the official release by the NPC fraternity.
  • A woman will complete the Membership Recruitment Acceptance Agreement after the last event she attends.  It is a binding contract and once this has been signed, no changes may be made.
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